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How to consume PRAVENTAC™?
For optimum results, we strongly recommend taking 2 capsules before bedtime. If paired with AG-FACTOR™, take 2 capsules of PRAVENTAC™ and 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ together before bedtime.

Optional: In case you forget to take your capsules before bed time, you may take them at any time of the day on the following day.
Does PRAVENTAC™ treat facial acne and body acne?
YES, PRAVENTAC™ is effective for facial as well as body acne as it works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria from within with 100% zero side effects.
Will my skin revert back to having acne if I stop consuming PRAVENTAC™?
By consuming PRAVENTAC™, you may successfully experience acne-free, clear skin provided that you maintain a healthy lifestyle such as adequate sleep, dietary control, and regular exercise. By practicing these habits combined with PRAVENTAC™, your skin will become healthier and the ability to heal from acne will be faster as well.
Is PRAVENTAC™ Halal Certified?
Yes, PRAVENTAC™ is halal and Kosher certified. (View Halal Certificate)
Where does PRAVENTAC™ originate from?
PRAVENTAC™ various ingredients are from Europe, the US, and Japan and are packed in a GMP-approved facility in Malaysia.
Are there any dietary changes I should take note of when consuming PRAVENTAC™?
For best results, we would recommend having enough rest (sleep), drinking more water, and maintaining a healthy diet by avoiding spicy, oily, fried food and dairy products such as skimmed milk. It is also important to consider managing your stress as it can take a toll on your skin. Stress can trigger the release of cortisol hormones which eventually lead to an increase in skin’s oil production, causing more breakouts.
Can PRAVENTAC™ treat acne scars?
PRAVENTAC™ has been found to work synergistically with AG-FACTOR™. PRAVENTAC™ works to clear acne and heal damaged skin cells while AG-FACTOR™ helps to lighten acne scars and to reduce inflammation.
Is PRAVENTAC™ safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?
Although PRAVENTAC™ is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking supplements of any kind.
Is PRAVENTAC™ safe for those who are planning to conceive?
Yes, it is perfectly fine for those who are planning to conceive and rest assured there will not be any side effects. However, it is advisable that you should consult your personal physician before taking supplements of any kind.
What is the difference between PRAVENTAC™ and AG-FACTOR™?
PRAVENTAC™ is especially effective in treating problematic skin including acne, pimples, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, and excess skin oiliness. AG-FACTOR™ on the other hand is for skin-brightening as well as to enhance the immune system and detoxification of blood in the liver. This is especially important as clean blood results in beautiful skin. So while PRAVENTAC™ works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and accelerate the healing of acne scars; AG-FACTOR™ enhances results by strengthening the liver and providing anti-oxidative support of Glutathione inside the cells itself. This enables the functioning of healthy cells that accounts for the glow seen in the complexion of people who consume AG-FACTOR™.
Is PRAVENTAC™ effective in combating hormonal acne?
Hormonal acne is generally caused by hormonal imbalance. The best way to treat this type of acne is to combine PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™. PRAVENTAC™ clears acne by addressing the root cause while AG-FACTOR™ is able to reduce the negative effects of cortisol on the skin via the endogenous production of Glutathione.
How soon will I begin to see improvements on my skin?
Results are dose and time-dependent. Most people experienced discernible results from 2-4 weeks onwards. For those who are highly attuned to their health and body, they reported immediate benefits but usually, for the skin to improve, it takes 3-6 months (the turnover of skin cells is 30 days and so it is reasonable for improvements to occur steadily). Therefore, it is advisable to take PRAVENTAC™ consistently for 3-6 months for best results.
Will I be completely acne-free after taking PRAVENTAC™?
Acne is a skin condition that changes from time to time as your body and skin are also constantly changing. PRAVENTAC™ will definitely help in the journey of achieving acne-free skin as our clinical trials have shown a significant reduction in acne by treating it from within the body, revealing a healthier complexion. Click here ( to discover more testimonials.
Are there any age or gender restrictions for taking PRAVENTAC™?
Both males and females starting from age 11 and above can safely consume PRAVENTAC™.
Will PRAVENTAC™ cause my skin to break out more after consumption?
Less than 3% of our customers experienced signs of breakouts after taking PRAVENTAC™. From the testimonials of past users, this appears to be a temporal effect that may be due to the results of detoxification. Eventually, depending on individuals, most will enjoy improved skin health where acne becomes noticeably lesser. However, it is also important to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle to see better results when paired with PRAVENTAC™.
Will PRAVENTAC™ cause burden to the kidney and liver?
No, PRAVENTAC™ won’t burden the kidney and liver because it is not a medicine. PRAVENTAC™ consists of very fine molecule that can be directly absorbed by the body.
Is PRAVENTAC™ safe for long term consumption?
Yes, PRAVENTAC™ is definitely safe for long-term consumption as it is made of 100% natural ingredients that will not cause any side effects or burden to the kidney or liver. We also do advise customers to take consistently for 3-6 months for best results. Although most of our customers get satisfying results after 2-4 months of consumption, they continue to take PRAVENTAC™ to enhance their complexion as well as reaping all the other extra benefits that it brings.
Can I still use skincare products while taking PRAVENTAC™?
Yes, it is perfectly safe to keep using your preferred skincare products while taking PRAVENTAC™. Make sure to avoid products with high chemical content and harsh ingredients that might actually further aggravate blemishes and worsen the problem. We always recommend customers to complement with the complete topical acne solution - Minus Mini Kit-3 ( that contains 3 solutions to treat different skincare needs (acne, whiteheads, blackheads, dryness, acne scars). It is also important to use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that might worsen acne condition. Containing premium active ingredients, UltraShield™ ( is a daily defense sunscreen that offers complete protection against UVB, UVA, visible light and environmental damage that are not covered by a traditional sunscreen.
Is it safe to consume PRAVENTAC™ with other medications, supplements, or vitamins?
Yes, you may consume PRAVENTAC™ together with other supplements, treatments, vitamins, or medications. This is because PRAVENTAC™ is a natural food product that will not cause any harm or conflict to your body.
Can PRAVENTAC™ be consumed during menstruation?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to consume PRAVENTAC™ during menstruation.
Can PRAVENTAC™ be consumed by those with lactose intolerance?
Yes, it is generally safe for those who have lactose intolerance as PRAVENTAC™ is lactose-free. Even though the Lactoferrin in PRAVENTAC™ is derived from milk, it does not contain lactose at all.
Can PRAVENTAC™ be combined with other Onecare products?
Yes, in fact, it was based on our customers’ testimonials that we discovered that PRAVENTAC™ works synergistically with AG FACTOR™.
With the overwhelming feedback from our customers, we have created a range of products that cater to both health and beauty needs. Shop now (
Is it recommended to take PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™ together?
Yes, it is the most-loved combination and is highly recommended. Most customers pair both PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™ to achieve a clearer, and fairer acne-free complexion. Just take 2 capsules of PRAVENTAC™ and 2 capsules of AG-FACTOR™ together before bedtime. It is recommended to consume The Flawless Twins ( for 3-6 months consistently for the best results.
How safe is PRAVENTAC™?
PRAVENTAC™ is 100% safe for consumption. Its key ingredients — the patent-pending Lactoferrin is approved by the US FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe).
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My doctor prescribed doxycycline antibiotic. I’ve read that PRAVENTAC™ contains Lactoferrin which could interact with the antibiotics. Should I be concerned?
Doxycycline or any other form of antibiotics that are prescribed as acne treatment are known for their numerous side effects that may be health-hazardous (affect liver and kidney, etc.) and may not be a long term solution for acne and other skin problems. Therefore, we strongly recommend that customers try our natural acne solution first and only use antibiotics as a last resort. You may want to try taking PRAVENTAC™ for 3 to 6 months before resorting to strong harmful drugs like doxycycline. You may also pair PRAVENTAC™ with AG-FACTOR™ for an even faster and more potent result. We strongly advise against taking PRAVENTAC™ along with prescription drugs as not only might it affect the effectiveness of its active natural ingredients, it will also disallow you from determining which works best for your skin problem. As for the possible drug interaction, only a very small number of cases has been reported between doxycycline and Lactoferrin, and it is normally regarded as safe unless both are taken together on a long term basis. However, if you are determined to overlap the two courses of treatment, you may want to consult with your physician for a thorough evaluation prior to doing so.
What is the difference between PRAVENTAC™ and other Lactoferrin products out there?
There is a significant difference between PRAVENTAC™ and other Lactoferrin products available in the market. Namely, PRAVENTAC™ uses only the finest and safest Lactoferrin available in the market, meaning you are able to reap the full benefit of the highest grade of this acne fighting ingredient. The usage of Lactoferrin in PRAVENTAC™ is also meticulously precise to ensure the most prominent result that it can offer, without causing treatment-induced breakouts. Plus, PRAVENTAC™ incorporates only the best of natural ingredients to work synergistically with its Lactoferrin content.
Hi, I would like to enquire about the ingredients. I understand that PRAVENTAC™ is labelled as 'suitable for vegetarian'. Can I confirm if the whey protein used are coming from rennet-free process?
About sixty years ago, in order to create a substitute for calf-sourced rennet, scientists succeeded in isolating other types of proteases produced through fermentation. The vast majority of cheese made in the United States now uses microbial proteases instead of animal rennet, and the key ingredient of PRAVENTAC™ - Lactoferrin, is from the United States. These microbial proteases are produced through fermentation and are known as microbial proteases, using rennet from either fungal/bacterial sources or genetically modified micro-organism. They function very similarly to true rennet and eventually replaced animal rennet in most cheese production in the United States.
Hi, I have come across a new website that posts some reviews on a few acne supplements, and the writer mention that the key ingredient Lactoferrin can cause diarrhea and skin rashes. Is this true?
We have been informed by several customers who came across the same website content that you did. The truth is that this website, as well as a few other websites that contains the exact same content, was set up by one of our competitor who is trying to promote and sell their new and unknown brand of acne pills by taking advantage of the popularity and good reputation that PRAVENTAC™ has managed to earn and garnered throughout it's 10 years being in the market. The claims and accusations that are made by them are slanderous and baseless. Lactoferrin is indeed one of the key active ingredients of PRAVENTAC™, but the Lactoferrin that we use in PRAVENTAC™ is an exclusive patent-pending blend of bovine Lactoferrin that is recognised by the US FDA. Unlike other Lactoferrin formulations in the market, it retains all the acne fighting benefits of Lactoferrin without any traces of casein or any other components that would further aggravate your acne. Its meticulously precise usage of Lactoferrin together with a few other highly potent ingredients ensures that your skin receive maximum acne-fighting benefits without any of the potential downsides.

Having been in the market for almost 10 years, PRAVENTAC™ constantly seeks to improve its formula based on real feedbacks from actual customers. The superior formulation of PRAVENTAC™ is many steps ahead of other Lactoferrin formulations in the market, as it provides not one, but at least five efficacious actions to effectively eliminate your acne problems from its root. It is clinically proven to be more effective in clearing away acne vulgaris with its antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory activities, with a much higher ability to decrease skin surface lipids and sebum content, thereby decreasing inflammation and sebum-clogged pores that may become the breeding ground for p.acnes.

The bottom line is that PRAVENTAC™ is definitely your safest choice of Lactoferrin supplement and highly effective acne solution.
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  • PRAVENTAC™ customer review by Elaine Wang
    Elaine Wang
    Thank you Praventac 🥰 I used to have pimples on my back and sometimes around my jawline. After taking Praventac for almost a month. All the pimples like vanished away... so happy and no marks leave behind. I will continue with a combine Praventac + AG-Factors in my next purchase. 😊👍 Highly recommend!!
  • PRAVENTAC™ customer review by Bheibhy Xing Conello II
    Bheibhy Xing Conello II
    I'd like to highly recommend this Praventac as I've consumed not even more than a month yet, but the result can be seen within weeks, my face now is totally free from the pimples, just that have the dark spot or scar only which i think need to use brightening to remove it. It really works! Now my face is much clearer thanks to Praventac. Will definitely order again for next 3 months supply.
  • PRAVENTAC™ customer review by Namfon Suwannarat
    Namfon Suwannarat
    Can see the result after 1 month , i will continue take it.
  • PRAVENTAC™ customer review by Hu Zair
    Hu Zair
    I was very skeptical at first (duhh, who’s not skeptical about these kinds of products), but with so many online reviews and since it comes from a legit company, I went with my gut and bought it. I’m glad I did! The improvements are obvious, you can see reduced whiteheads and blackheads and minimised pores, and pimples dont appear out of nowhere so often anymore (then again I dont really have severe acne condition either) but nevertheless, improvements can be seen after just a month of taking the products. Unfortunately I dont have before and after pics or pics with the products because you know, I’m just not one of ‘those’ people, but I’m telling you it works
  • PRAVENTAC™ customer review by Ica Nisa
    Ica Nisa
    Hi! Im already consume praventac for a month, and i satisfied with the result. I can see the difference of my skin-less pimple and intend to continue consume praventac for another month or more.
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