Success Stories

Karen Tan
Praventac™ Sales Representative

"Every day I deal with customers from all over the world, each with individualized needs and concerns. Even though it's impossible to meet the needs of every person, most desire one thing: even, glowing, beautiful skin. Our products help them achieve just that. And the best part of my job is to hear feedback from our satisfied customers."

initialAndy, 23


Hi, Karen, Andy here, Thanks for asking. My skin has improved so so much.. Thanks you so very much, finally I found a product that actually work.. I may need to buy more next month.

initialJocelyn, 25

Hi , i am Jocelyn from Johor .

Acne with me more than 5 years, everyday so unhappy to see my face.i have spent over few thousand on creams ,beautician and doctor and even laser.

My family and i still unnoticable change and the laser therapy had made the scar more painful and red .Untill one day a close friend of mine asked me to try your Praventac.

In only two months the acne became drastically less and my skin now looks more clean around my face and back. I am so glad now that i have found the right product. My dermatologist is still amazed at the results.

initialSanthi Muthu, 26

I have just stared consume Praventac, what a wonderful product. I have tried many others acne skincare, non of them show good result. Thank you for making this available and keep up the good work!

initialKelly Sim, 19

I just wanted to drop a line to express my gratitude to Praventac and Ag-Factor. I have been consume your products since April and I absolutely love them. My skin is near perfection now, I hear compliments all the time from family and friends about the clarity of my skin!! My skin is so soft & I barely ever get any pimples & if I do, they are completely gone within a matter of a couple days! Thank you so much!!"

Attached is my before and after's photo.

initialJamilah, 36

I had lot of acne scars and my skin used to look oily and blotchy. After consume this product , my acne become lesser and not so oily. I feel the improvement and I believe in few more month I will get my better skin again that I had 2 years ago.

initialMohd Rashid, 26

I have used many creams before, they just help temporarily, couldn't stop my pimples from coming back. I have used your Praventac for two months. The old one had gone, and there was no new one came out.

initialChris, 17

I have been suffering from acne since about the age of 15, especially with spots on my back which were really big, inflamed and sore and they made me feel a bit self conscious. I had used herbal remedies as well as medication prescribed by the doctor and nothing worked until I take Praventac. It is great because I started seeing an effect after about two weeks on my face first and then on my back. My spots are totally clearing and there is no redness or soreness now. And I would definitely recommend to anyone suffering from acne.

initialSuzanne Teo, 38

Hi, I'm writing behalf for my 13 year old daughter. I've taken her with her doctor, and a dermatologist, but nothing seemed to work until She tried your product for acne. I was amazed how this product helped her...

initialSam Anthony, 26

I have dealt with pimple problems for years, and nothing I used ever seemed to help. I had large patches of pimple all over my face and the back of my neck, and I was embarrassed by it. I am so happy I decided to go online, as your product has helped me so much.

After using Praventac for just a few weeks, my pimple has cleared up. Your customer service is excellent, someone got back to me very quickly when I emailed with a question. Thank you so much for having something that finally works, I will be back if ever have another skin problem.

initial Villena Bernabe, 19

Good Stuff!!! I never believe the reviews but thought i would give Praventac a try. After few day taking it, my acne become even more, and I nearly give up. But lucky with their staff encouragement, I continue my 2-3 bottles. Now I glad that I didn't give up on this good stuff. Thanks to Praventac !

initialGurmeet Kaur, 32


I'm so happy with the capsule. I began take Praventac a few months ago, and I have since been complimented on my skin. My acne marks are gone and my skin is noticeably clearer and healthier.

initialNur Nadia bt Aziz, 24

it works on acne scars, whiteheads and blackheads. i have been using it for 3 weeks and can already see results. it is already starting to fade away. hopefully it will all be gone in a couple of months. i recommend this

initialMay See, 18

I have bacne problem so spagetti strip and bikini always non of my business. But ever since i take praventac. My bacne problem no longer stop me from wearing any type of clothes. I am a student so i think the price are pricey to me. But I will still buy it because is not easy to find a good and suitable product for my acne problem.

initialTR Boey, 28

I had laser treatments, used every pimples cream on the market and even antibiotics.
After reading the customer reviews and receiving a prompt and helpful email from customer service. I bought 3 bottles. Now I am on 3rd bottle, and I very satisfied with my skin condition already. Thanks to Praventac!

initialPatricia, 38


initialPathy Mary, 21

I tried Praventac for about 3 weeks, there have been much less pimples coming out, even before my period. It was terrible before. Your products are very helpful.

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