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The breakthrough solution for acne-proned skin
Clear acne and repair damaged skin cells with Praventac™. A breakthrough formula derived 100% from bovine milk Praventac™ works by enhancing the body’s natural defenses to eliminate bacteria, reduce sebum and inflammation, and repairs damaged skin cells caused by acne 1-6.
Praventac™ affects by Curing and Reducing
• Blemishes
• Oiliness
• Acne scars
• Bacteria
• Pimples / Acne
• Blackhead
• Whiteheads
• Redness from Inflammation
Other beneficial effects
• Help repair cells damaged by blemish
• Promotes inner health & outer beauty
Natural Solution for Acne
Nothing Treats Acne
Better Than
The 100% Safe & Natural Praventac™ !
Praventac™ is a natural food supplement that has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce the number and severity of acne, pimples and blemishes1-6. Lactoferrin is the main ingredient of Praventac™, it is patent pending in the United States. Lactoferrin is one of milk’s many bioactive components with specific physiological effects to internally support a healthy complexion from the inside.
Clear ACNE in 4 - 8 weeks
smooth skin with radiance
Praventac™ works in two ways. Firstly, it inhibits the growth of the propionibacterium7, which is present on most people’s skin and is responsible for acne, This lessens the number of new spots forming. Secondly, Praventac’s anti-inflammatory properties mean that the size of spots is reduced and blemishes heal quicker resulting in a smoother complexion1-6.
SINCE 2014
Improved Formulation
No more Serious Breakout
Minimal Lactoferrin usage with more
prominent formulation to heal acne and scars
When Praventac™ was first launched (Year 2009), the formulation was effective. However, number of customers experienced unacceptable breakouts. Our R&D team continuously worked together to improve Praventac™’s formulation until the current batch where the effectiveness is more prominent and the complaints on breakouts has reduced tremendously.
GRAS Notice No.
GRN 000077
Click here to view Praventac™’s Lactoferrin Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) from the US FDA Government website.
Praventac™ used the best source of Lactoferrin.
How safe is Praventac™’s Lactoferrin?
Lactoferrin is a food with GRAS status in the U.S. and in 2001 allowed in food products. In Japan, it is a very popular supplementation in infant formulas, beverages and nutrition.
Customer Reviews from Facebook
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  • Jien Tan
    Thanks Praventac. This is the best product that i have ever bought. This help me to have less ache and my face is less oilier than before. furthermore, it reduces my scar on my face. strongly recommend this product to all readers that have sensitive skin.
  • Joseph Tong
    Thanks Praventac! i noticed that my acne is under control and my face less oily. im very happy with the result. I am going to purchase the products again.
  • Huixiang Wong
    Amazing!! i can see the results in just 1 month, Thanks PRAVENTAC, it reduces scars on my face, my face looks better now and I am really happy to use this product. I am going to purchase the products again.
  • Mynn Shaiful
    This is the best product that I use to help eliminate acne & oily on my PRAVENTAC!
  • Jeanelle Jose
    Amazing results in just 1 month, Thanks PRAVENTAC, I will now continue with my second bottle. GODBLESS!
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Why choose Praventac™ ?
What are the differences between Praventac™
and other Acne solution in the market?
Acne Laser Treatment
Laser treatment for acne and acne scar should always be the last option, because it is a very harsh technology. It is possible to burn your skin and make your skin thinner and sensitive. Especially people with olive skin, black or brown skin, are not good candidates for the treatment as it can cause a lightening of the skin and unwanted pigmentation changes.
After laser treatment most of skin will easily get hyper pigmentation and also discoloration.
Acne Prescription
Acne Prescription is a control medicine, it causes burden to kidney and liver. And it causes side effects like dry skin, cracked lips, nose bleed, depression and even tendency to commit suicide. While you are consuming it, you are NOT allowed to do family planning, pregnant and breastfeeding because it may deform your fetus. Maximum period of each treatment is 6 months, with every month must do blood test. If you stop using it, most of the acne problem will come back and worsen because it weaken our skin immune system.
Over the Counter Remedies (Pharmacy)
There are thousands of brands in the market each claiming the best anti-acne remedy but most of them are not as effective as they should. Most over the counter acne remedies are insufficient of active ingredients or contains synthetic ingredients.
In contrast to conventional systemic and topical therapies based on prescription medicine, retinoids and other compounds, Praventac™ supplementation is not accompanied by side effects and works fast from the inside out, not only to reduce acne, but to promote skin healing, recovery and a clear and healthy skin complexion.

We pride ourselves for looking to Mother Nature in curing our problems, and acne is no different. Designed specifically for the supported reduction of blemishes and redness associated with a poor complexion, Praventac™ is a bioactive protein complex rich in bovine Lactoferrin. It works! 76% of consumers in a study testing the effectiveness of Praventac™ see a visible difference after using Praventac™. This means clearer, smoother, younger looking skin unmarred by the angry acne craters.
How does Praventac™
work on your skin?
Praventac™ is rich in Lactoferrin, known to reduce the development of bacteria responsible for many skin impurities.
Acne scars
White heads
Lactoferrin also helps to prevent blemishes and spots forming due to its antimicrobial effect.

Praventac™ is a natural ingredient derived from milk, which has been proven to help people achieve a clearer complexion by enhancing the body’s natural defences. It limits the growth of acne pimple bacteria, reduces the blemishes associated with acne pimple and assists in the repair of damaged skin cells caused by blemishes.

Although Praventac™ can be found in milk, the beneficial skin clearing effect is only activated when this bioactive protein is extracted from the milk. This means that drinking litres of milk is not going to deliver the same benefit especially since milk is actually additional hormone that can make acne pimple worse. An easy and effective solution is to simply take 2 capsules of Praventac™ before sleep every night to get the required measured dosage of Praventac™.
How to cure natural hormonal acne?
You can control your acne at home by just changing your lifestyle. Drink lots of water which keeps you away from dehydration and moderate water intake will keep your liver working properly.
Keep yourself away from junk food. Junk food does not directly affect your skin but it can worsen your condition. Because some food allergies may aggravate your acne. Stress and depression is also said to be a major cause of acne as it may directly affect your hormones production.
Do not use harsh cosmetics, soaps, cleansers and other skin care products. Use sunscreen before going out in a sun. Do not take caffeine and other caffeine based drinks as they can increase the number of outbreaks.
Besides changing your lifestyle, taking Praventac™ with Ag-factor™ helps you counter hormonal acne.

Ag-factor™ enhances our immune system, balances hormones, and it’s good for liver health. Ag-factor™ is a precursor to glutathione, an important antioxidant that is produced by our own body in the liver and needed to break down toxic substances.
Learn more - About Liver and Acne
What is the different between Praventac™ and Ag-factor™?
Praventac™ is for skin problem like acne, pimples, acne scar, blemishes and white/ blackheads. It repairs damaged skin cells. Ag-factor is not only for anti-aging and skin brightening, it also helps enhance immune system and detox our blood in the liver. “Beautiful Skin Comes from Clean Blood”.

For some customers we recommend that they take Praventac™ together with Ag-factor™ in order to achieve better and faster results.
A Complete New You
in 8 weeks...
We ask that you take at least one photograph at the start, however we prefer you to take photographs once a week throughout the trial. These images need to be a close-up of the face from the same angle each time, they need to be sharp and of high resolution.
Capture 1 or 2 close-up photographs before starting Praventac™
Don’t be demotivated if you don’t see results. It’s only the beginning of 2nd week
You noticed improvements! On average, our customer see results at Week 3. Review from a customer:
“I used to spend hours putting on lots of make-up to cover my acne, but since taking Praventac my skin has improved, I’ve felt far more confident and happy in myself… and am happy to be seen without make-up!”
Capture a picture of yourself (under same lighting and face angle as first week’s picture) to compare the differences
In clinical trials of Praventac, 71% saw a reduction in blemishes by week 4. What changes have you noticed?
You’re halfway through!
Compare this week’s photo with week 1
After week 5 our first case study candidate Caroline said:
“I’m thrilled because this is the first time that any product has worked so quickly and effectively on my skin. I’ve stopped getting the large spots that you associate with acne and I’ve just been left with some tiny pimples and blackheads that I hope will disappear soon.”
Only 2 weeks
to GO !
Last Week! Now Compare this week’s photo with week 1.
• What differences can you see?
• How has your skin improved?
• Has your confidence improved?
• Have people commented on your skin?

In clinical trials, 95% saw a reduction in skin blemishes by week 8
Start clearing your acne today!
and bring back your confidence.
Praventac™ is a natural food supplement that helps to maintain a healthy skin from within. The skin on all other parts of your body can benefit as well, like your upper back.
Praventac™ exerts an anti microbial effect towards the Propionibacterium Acnes and other Acne forming Bacteria, exerts anti inflammatory effects in the skin and exerts its anti acne activity by preventing the oxidation of squalene, a compound of skin lipids.

Apart from supporting the reduction of Acne, the studies showed that subjectively this also had a dramatic effect on the overall well being, self esteem and confidence of the adolescents suffering from Acne.
Natural food supplement
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2 months supply
120 capsules
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1 month supply
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Renew Your Skin’s Appearance
Go Acne Free with a Natural Solution!
A bioactive protein extracted from milk using advanced scientific methods.
Per Serving
500 mg
Per 100 g
8.40 kJ (2 kcal)
1591.80 kJ (379 kcal)
300 mg
60 g
169.5 mg
33.9 g
2.5 mg
0.5 g
Servings bottle : 60 capsules
Whey Protein Hydrolysate | Whey protein contains the amino acid cysteine, which can enable the body to produce glutathione. Whey protein can increase cellular glutathione levels. Glutathione is an antioxidant that defends the body against free radical damage and some toxins, and milk proteins can reduce the risk of cancer. Glutathione: The Body’s Master Antioxidant
Pomegranate Extract | Pomegranate has excellent antioxidant properties. It has about three times more antioxidants gram for gram than red wine or green tea. It is an excellent agent for promoting blood flow to the heart. It also has been shown to reduce plaque in the arteries, and to raise levels of “good” cholesterol while helping lower “bad” cholesterol.
Mangosteen Extract | Mangosteen contains a huge amount of antioxidants and this is one of the major benefits of mangosteen. An antioxidant is a compound that has an ability to slow down the aging process of cells and it also can add more energy to your body. Antioxidants are considered as a cure-all for whatever ails you. Besides that, it can also improve bone structure and skin condition, purify the blood, and improve heart function.
Dosage and Usage: Consume 2 capsules daily . We advise you to take at least 2 months.
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