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Frequently Asked Questions
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How many capsule a day?
For better result we recommend 2 capsules before bedtime.
Is Praventac only helps acne on the face only?
Praventac helps acne on face and full body as well.
Any side effect if I stop taking Praventac? Is it safe?
No side effect although you stop taking Praventac. And Praventac is 100% naturally and the ingredient are clinically proven with FDA’s GRAS status. For more information please view Clinical Paper. and FDA GRAS GRN000077
Is Praventac™ safe?
Praventac™ is a product of European technology. Praventac™ has NO side effects. The key ingredient is whey protein (cysteine peptides) approved by the US FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), classified as a food product by the Food Safety and Quality Division of the HSA and packaged in Singapore by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved factory.
Is Praventac™ Halal Certified?
Yes, Praventac™ is HALAL certified ( Certificate No: CWSB-MY. 08/034 ) . View Halal Certificate
Where is the Origin of Praventac™?
The ingredient is imported from Europe, Japan and US. Packaging in Singapore by GMP approved factory.
Do I still need to watch my diet if I am taking Praventac™?
If a person keeps healthy diet since their younger age, mostly they tend to stay younger if compare to other who always likes fried/spicy/oily food. Of course each and everyone has different body; some people no matter how bad their diet, yet they still have good complexion, this is the lucky category, If a person already has problematic skin, then food- wise try not take too much of fried/spicy/oily . It may not directly help, but indirectly affecting. Nonetheless, it does not mean you should totally eliminate consumption of such food but you should try to cut down.
Can Praventac™ reduce my acne scar?
Yes, Praventac™ can reduce acne scar, because it is able to repair damaged skin cell.
Is Praventac™ safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Mommy?
Not recommended.
Is Praventac™ safe for those who plan to pregnant?
A lot products for acne will affect pregnancy, But Praventac is safe for women who plan to conceive.
What is the difference between Praventac™ and Ag-factor™?
Praventac™ is for problem skin like acne, pimples, acne scar, blemishes and white/ blackheads. Ag-factor is for anti-aging and skin brightening. It also helps enhance immune system and detox our blood in the liver. For some customers we recommend that they take Praventac together with Ag-factor in order to achieve better and faster results. The reason are : Praventac is for skin repair of damaged skin cells and Ag-Factor is for detoxification of blood and myriad of supporting functions. Beautiful skin comes from CLEAN BLOOD.
For more information about Ag-Factor, please visit
Is Praventac™ effective against hormonal acne?
Praventac™ has no specific effect on hormone induced acne. It works in essentially 3 ways - put simply these are:
1. Limiting of the growth of the acne bacteria.
2. Reducing the blemishes associated with acne blemishes.
3. Assisting in the repair of damaged skin cells caused by blemishes.
Hormone associated acne is caused by hormonal imbalances due to high levels of androgens and testosterone, We recommend this group of customer to take together with Ag-factor for better and faster result.
How soon should I begin to see an improvement in my skin?
Taking 2 capsule of Praventac™ every night before bedtime, you should begin to see a significant improvement within 2~4 weeks. Results come gradually as Praventac™ is a natural product. It varies from individual to individual as people are different physiologically. Some individuals have seen the satisfied result after consuming the Praventac™ for only 2-4 weeks. Some individuals need longer time.
Will I be completely acne free eventually?
Although we cannot guarantee that you will be acne free, our clinical trials show that you are statistically likely to see a significant reduction in blemishes.
Is there an age / gentle restriction on taking Praventac™?
Praventac is safe to be consumed start aged 12 and above. It's suitable for male and female.
Will praventac cause more breakout to my skin after consump?
3 % of customer may have breakout after taking praventac, but It is just part of detoxification process, it will goes off after 2-3 weeks, and you shall notice your skin become cleaner and improved.
Will praventac cause burden to kidney and liver?
no. Praventac is not a medicine, it won't cause burden to our kidney and liver, because the molecule is very fine, it will direct absorbed by our body.
It is safe to consume praventac for long term?
yes, it is safe for long term consumption. But most of our customers get satisfied result after 2-4 months.
Can I use skincare while taking Praventac™?
Yes acne skincare help subside acne from surface but maybe for short term effect. We do believe back to basic and natural is always the best remedy no matter what type of skin you have. Try Not to use product that contain lot of chemical and harsh ingredient. Ingredient that we should avoid are : Benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and salicylic acid, etc. For effective and natural acne spot cream, please visit for further information.
What happens if my delivery goes missing?
In case of any problems with your delivery, will be in contact with the carrier to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and with minimum inconvenience to you. We will make every effort to contact you and keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and, where appropriate, deliver a replacement.
When will I get my items?
The delivery timeframe is an estimate of when your items will be delivered to your shipping address. This includes warehouse processing, plus carrier delivery times. Once we ship your items, you will receive a notification email with carrier and tracking information.
What time will my order be delivered?
Deliveries will be between 8am and 5pm. You can check the estimated delivery date and carrier by checking online. Sorry, but we are unable to provide an exact delivery time.
Do you need a signature on delivery?
Yes, and if you can’t be at home to receive delivery, consider shipping your purchase to where someone you trust will be available to sign for it. Alternatively, have it delivered to your business address –please ensure you include the business name in the address details. Please also note that your purchase may be left in the reception area.
What if I won’t be at home on the scheduled delivery date?
As our carriers need a signature, they will just leaving a calling card. You can then contact them to reschedule, or to give them a different delivery address.
What countries do you ship your products to?
We ship worldwide without any restrictions.
Is the shipping package discreet?
Yes, all orders are shipped in discreet packaging. We dont mark or put any markings on the package that may give away, that you ordered Praventac™. That's why we also require signature on delivery, so only you will receive the package.
Will you rebill my credit card?
No. You purchase your product without enrolling in to any "dark scheme" auto rebilling programs. What you buy is what you get charged without any charges later on, unless you will purchase again.
What will appear on my credit card statement?
Your charge will appear either as Paypal or Onecare Wellness
What if I don't have a credit card, can I still purchase the product from you?
Yes. Other than credit card, you can pay via bank transfer or western union.
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  • Joy Mary Olowo
    i received my praventac from your reseller in nigeria beauty@bay yesterday, i can't wait to start using this much talk about product, thank so much praventac.
  • Marcyliana Baynard
    Praventac helps me a bit on my skin. Will purchase it for second bottle, maybe my progression a bit slower than others.😊😊😊😊
  • Qaseh Suci
    Thank you praventac for helping me in reducing the acne scars....i will keep continue to use this product....
  • Badet Palmones
    I am suffering from acne for almost 10years now.when i saw praventac in facebook i was hesitant to try it,its because i already tried alot of acne curing products and some of them worth a thousand bucks.but when saw the good reviews,i made up my mind and try 1 bottle of praventac.during my 3rd week my friend noticed that my acnes was on my 4th week now but unfurtunately my acnes keeps on popping up again.maybe because my monthly period is about to came with in a few days now.i already have my 2nd bottle now and i will try to observe if it will fade or not.thank you
  • Farah Ain
    Thank praventac for showing an awesome result to my skin, i will continuing purchase this product soon :)
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Start clearing your acne today!
and bring back your confidence.
Praventac™ is a natural food supplement that helps to maintain a healthy skin from within. The skin on all other parts of your body can benefit as well, like your upper back.
Praventac™ exerts an anti microbial effect towards the Propionibacterium Acnes and other Acne forming Bacteria, exerts anti inflammatory effects in the skin and exerts its anti acne activity by preventing the oxidation of squalene, a compound of skin lipids.

Apart from supporting the reduction of Acne, the studies showed that subjectively this also had a dramatic effect on the overall well being, self esteem and confidence of the adolescents suffering from Acne.
Natural food supplement
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Renew Your Skin’s Appearance
Go Acne Free with a Natural Solution!
A bioactive protein extracted from milk using advanced scientific methods.
Per Serving
500 mg
Per 100 g
8.40 kJ (2 kcal)
1591.80 kJ (379 kcal)
300 mg
60 g
169.5 mg
33.9 g
2.5 mg
0.5 g
Servings bottle : 60 capsules
Whey Protein Hydrolysate | Whey protein contains the amino acid cysteine, which can enable the body to produce glutathione. Whey protein can increase cellular glutathione levels. Glutathione is an antioxidant that defends the body against free radical damage and some toxins, and milk proteins can reduce the risk of cancer. Glutathione: The Body’s Master Antioxidant
Pomegranate Extract | Pomegranate has excellent antioxidant properties. It has about three times more antioxidants gram for gram than red wine or green tea. It is an excellent agent for promoting blood flow to the heart. It also has been shown to reduce plaque in the arteries, and to raise levels of “good” cholesterol while helping lower “bad” cholesterol.
Mangosteen Extract | Mangosteen contains a huge amount of antioxidants and this is one of the major benefits of mangosteen. An antioxidant is a compound that has an ability to slow down the aging process of cells and it also can add more energy to your body. Antioxidants are considered as a cure-all for whatever ails you. Besides that, it can also improve bone structure and skin condition, purify the blood, and improve heart function.
Dosage and Usage: Consume 2 capsules daily . We advise you to take at least 2 months.
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